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On Globalization by Joan Marques

What beautiful trend is globalization

If it means progress for every nation
If it entails discarding inequity

And enhancing a balance of quality

But, unfortunately, there’s ugly egotism
Fueled and nurtured by ethnocentrism
Where human beings forget their main call
And instead want to rise where others fall
On one hand affluence - inexcusable greed
On the other starvation - devastating need
Rich says to poor: “Open up! Let me in! ”
And by doing that, guess who’s the only one to win?
Very few wonder how this imbalance started
Very few think back on how wealth once was parted
No need to look back - the future’s at stake
Globalization can become anything we make:
An even wider gap through borderless rape
Or a beautiful village in honorable shape
A rat’s nest of division and infinite hate
Or a unified world before it’s too  late...

No texto, o autor marca sua  visão otimista com as palavras (globalization, progress, nation, balance, quality). Mas na linha 5, ele introduz os aspectos negativos da globalização. Já nas linhas 11 e 12 ele mostra que os países com maior poder econômico obtém mais vantagens sobre os países mais pobres.

Para ele globalização significa progresso para todas as nações, desde que sejam eliminadas as desigualdades. Mas ele tem consciência dos aspectos negativos (riqueza X ganância, pobreza X fome,  e entende que um mundo unificado seria a solução antes que seja tarde demais.

Reflita sobre isso! 

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